Stop iOS10 browser auto-locking

I had twitter open the other day and I had to put my phone down and attend to something else, the timeline happened to be on a looping gif video and I noticed when I came back that my phone was still awake and unlocked the fact that video was in view kept the phone awake and this got me thinking about the new playsinline attribute that has been enabled for <video> elements in iOS10 Safari. Continue reading “Stop iOS10 browser auto-locking”

Drag out files like Gmail

Google in their quest to keep me busy in trying to figure out how they do their innovative features in Gmail are at it again. First it was drag and drop uploading which used a clever trick to make it work in Chrome which currently doesn’t support the FileReader in their stable release. Now they’ve added the ability to drag out attachments to your file system, allowing you to bypass the usual method of the save dialog. Continue reading “Drag out files like Gmail”

Web Notifications

Web Notifications allows users to get updates on a webpage even if they’re not looking at it, shown to them through small notification boxes, think growl. This opens up some great potential for the current web apps out there. When you get a new email it could popup a little notification much like our desktop email clients do now or your twitter page could let you know when new @replies have come in, the possibilities are endless. Continue reading “Web Notifications”

Make IE awesome by turning it into Google Chrome

As I’m sure you all know by now Google made an announcement about their Chrome Frame plugin for IE that turns the Trident rendering engine into the Chrome rendering engine giving IE access to the awesome power that is Chrome. No longer will IE miss out on those awesome new features in CSS3 & HTML5 the more competent browsers enjoy today such as the soon to be released Google Wave. Continue reading “Make IE awesome by turning it into Google Chrome”