Stop iOS10 browser auto-locking

I had twitter open the other day and I had to put my phone down and attend to something else, the timeline happened to be on a looping gif video and I noticed when I came back that my phone was still awake and unlocked the fact that video was in view kept the phone awake and this got me thinking about the new playsinline attribute that has been enabled for <video> elements in iOS10 Safari. Continue reading “Stop iOS10 browser auto-locking”

Testing on Mobile devices

A while back Brad Frost posted a very useful breakdown on testing mobile devices and how to do it without breaking the bank. This post is kind of an extension to it but pointing to other useful resources that I have come across and used.

Frost went down the route of physical devices, what you should test and their breakdown in prices. This post will be a list of services I have come across for testing on a vast array mobile devices without having to purchase said devices. Continue reading “Testing on Mobile devices”