A short Modernizr course

Last year, I did a quick 5 min presentation on some of the features available in Modernizr for Web Directions What Do You Know event. From there, Sitepoint & Learnable’s Kevin Yank asked me to put together a short course for learnable.com based on the presentation. So after working on the occasional weekend I put it all together and got it launched just before xmas 2011.


Modernizr: front-end development done right

Go check it out! As a thank you for reading I will give away some free passes to the first 10 people who can answer this question correctly: Promotion has now ended, thanks!

“Who created the Modernizr project?”

Mention me on twitter, @ryanseddon, with your answer to the question.

I will let the winners know via twitter.

If you don’t answer in time, don’t fret! It’s super cheap to get access to my course and many others at learnable.com, 2012 is the year of upskilling so get onto it!

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