Extreme specificity overriding a CSS ID with 256 chained Classes

The other day Chris Coyier created a test case demonstrating that chaining together 256 classes will give it greater specificity than an id, in theory it shouldn’t. But in IE, Mozilla and WebKit browsers it does, Opera on the other hand upholds the specificity. Not familiar with CSS specificity then take a look at Estelle Weyl’s hilariously informative specifishity chart. Continue reading “Extreme specificity overriding a CSS ID with 256 chained Classes”

Bunyip: client-side unit testing made easy

Let’s face it doing thorough client-side unit testing fills me with rage, throw mobile browsers into the mix and I want to start flipping tables. There are tools out there to somewhat tackle this issue but they either require painful setups or want you to rewrite your unit tests using their framework. What if I told you there’s a tool that is easy to get up and running, doesn’t require you to rewrite your tests and allows you do it all from the command line in desktop and mobile browsers. Watch a video showing it working.
Continue reading “Bunyip: client-side unit testing made easy”

Testing on Mobile devices

A while back Brad Frost posted a very useful breakdown on testing mobile devices and how to do it without breaking the bank. This post is kind of an extension to it but pointing to other useful resources that I have come across and used.

Frost went down the route of physical devices, what you should test and their breakdown in prices. This post will be a list of services I have come across for testing on a vast array mobile devices without having to purchase said devices. Continue reading “Testing on Mobile devices”