Make IE awesome by turning it into Google Chrome

As I’m sure you all know by now Google made an announcement about their Chrome Frame plugin for IE that turns the Trident rendering engine into the Chrome rendering engine giving IE access to the awesome power that is Chrome. No longer will IE miss out on those awesome new features in CSS3 & HTML5 the more competent browsers enjoy today such as the soon to be released Google Wave. Continue reading “Make IE awesome by turning it into Google Chrome”

Create the accordion effect using CSS3

Recently I have been playing around with CSS transitions and animations as implemented in webkit based browsers such as Safari and Chrome. They have been submitted to the W3C for consideration in the CSS3 spec so hopefully we should see more browsers support this soon, Firefox 3.5 supports CSS transforms which was developed by the webkit people to work alongside CSS animations & transitions. Continue reading “Create the accordion effect using CSS3”

Determine iPhone orientation using CSS

With the beta of Firefox 3.5 showcasing 35 new features over 35 days, the article on CSS3 media queries stuck out, the orientation detection really got my attention and immediately put my thought process to mobile devices, in my case the iPhone. I thought this is great maybe this has been snuck into the iPhone 3.0, unfortunately for us it wasn’t. That didn’t stop me and I got thinking about how it could be done if at all on the iPhone without using JavaScript. Continue reading “Determine iPhone orientation using CSS”