Top 8 April Fools websites of 2009

Each and every the web produces some of the best April Fools jokes across the globe, some go all out and create fantastic often highly involved and well thought out pranks. Let take a look at the top 8.


8. Google gBall™

An Australian specific Google April Fool’s joke this explores their new fantasy product for Aussie Rules Football. Lets users track their stats by using the gBall™ with inbuilt GPS & Accelerometer.

Google gBall

7. Reddit’s new layout

A classic little “digg” at a competing site, reddit rebranded their website to a hilarious reddigg to match that of layout.

Reddit's new layout

6. Internet reboot

The popular sitepoint website announced that due to several reason’s the internet will need to be rebooted to help increase stability and hopefully decrease spam.

Internet reboot

5. IE 8.1

Smashing Magazine got breaking news of the soon to be released Internet Explorer 8.1 with fast improvements including support for Firefox extensions!

Internet Explorer 8.1

4. Microsoft requests a bailout package.

Troubling times ahead, Microsoft is requesting a rescue package of a cool $20 billion claiming they are too big to fail.

Microsoft's $20 billion bailout

3. The Guardian switches from print to Twitter

UK’s The Guardian has decided to switch all its articles to appear exclusively on Twitter.

Consolidating its position at the cutting edge of new media technology, the Guardian today announces that it will become the first newspaper in the world to be published exclusively via Twitter, the sensationally popular social networking service that has transformed online communication.

The Guardian switches to Twitter

2. Save IE6

A new campaign to save IE6 was launched arguing that IE6’s longevity is a clear sign everyone should still be using it.

Save IE6 campaign

1. Facial gestures

Opera announced a new feature for their browser that would enable people to navigate through websites via facial gestures.

Opera's new facial gestures